Women Earrings

With powerful expressiveness and creativity, this season’s ladies earrings are probably the most essential of all female accessories. Framing the face in a multitude of ways, earrings offer a taste of the unique personality of the wearer. The current collection deploys delicate studded earrings, for a proposal with subtlety; colorful and extravagant modernist models for a more dramatic look; or pieces with an emblematic logo sculpted for more brand loyalty. Mismatched designs or unique earrings lend themselves to spontaneous style, while punk-inspired silhouettes translate into gold-plated or sterling silver pins, dangling chain link earrings, and oversized pyramid nails. Sculptural ornaments dominate this season’s collection of women’s earrings, with architectural, art deco-inspired shapes that seem to be suspended in space. Made only from the finest materials, the polished sterling silver, yellow gold and richly colored resin ladies earrings are the perfect hosts for rough diamonds, pearls, feathers and touches of soft fur. mink. The eclectic and mismatched selection of earrings from the present collection offers a multitude of options for the modern woman to express her multifaceted personality.

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