Necklaces for women

Thanks to opulent materials featuring superb natural jewels, this season’s fine necklaces for women offer ravishing silhouettes to the neckline. A delicate layered effect is created using two fine white gold chains which host sublime and small half-moon diamonds. In a play of tones, oxidized sterling silver intertwines with 14-carat yellow gold to create a singular fine-link chain necklace, which confronts expectations for luxury and celebrates the polarity between light and dark. A graceful row of white freshwater pearls, set in 14k yellow gold and brilliant in natural beauty and luster as a pendant, nestle near the heart of the lover of jewelry. While the discreet glow of worn-out sterling silver and gold in crisscrossed miniature pendant chains catches the eye with its unexpected yet inviting look. Timeless beauty is combined with modernist aesthetics in this season’s jewelry collection for women, resulting in highly coveted pieces that transcend trends.

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