rings for woman

The fine designer rings offer women dazzling options made from rare metals and precious stones, evoking an unrivaled spirit of timeless luxury. As a mode of expression of individuality, personal experience and refinement of character, high-end rings have long acted as a physical complement to vital events, whether in the form of an engagement ring or a prestigious formal affair of any kind. Contemporary designers honor this heritage, while welcoming new uses, as evidenced by the proliferation of traditional and avant-garde models offered in a range of materials and silhouettes. Perfectly colored and natural diamonds as well as crystals, which fascinate the eye with their unique effect, are arranged in various arrangements ranging from classic brooch style rings to rings set in pavé. A meticulous selection of Akoya, Tahiti, or white freshwater pearls brings natural luminosity and perfect organic embellishment. 18-carat rose, yellow or white gold rings communicate traditional opulence, while technical materials such as titanium bring freshness to fine jewelry. Rejecting the convention in an alternative way, open ring rings flirt with the laws of physics that govern the very usefulness of the ring, adorning themselves with geometric curves and embellishments that guide the eye towards a focal point unexpected negative space.

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