men earring

This season’s collection of men’s earrings offers an eclectic and mismatched assortment of expressive men’s accessories. Rude and direct symbolism takes the form of sterling silver with an aged effect, studded earrings in 14-carat yellow gold or micro-pendant earrings that add a simple yet luxurious touch to the guard – confident modern man’s robe. Sterling silver abounds in the current collection, whether highly polished or rough and oxidized. Small sterling silver ring earrings have a lustrous finish, while textured chain pendant earrings have a variety of finishes. Urban silhouettes like studded or dangling earrings are inspired by nature, showing carved thorns with a rocky texture. The unique earrings allow half engagement, while providing double the eye-catching potential. References to Gothic or punk counter-cultures translate into sculpted skulls or animal themes; however, the exceptional quality of sterling silver or solid gold that make up these designer models sets them apart from their subculture counterparts. Minimal expression through high-end design and premium materials is the focus of the current collection of men’s earrings.

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