From religious iconography to beach souvenirs, the influences represented in this season’s collection of men’s necklaces are diverse. The abundance of Italian creations leads to refined interpretations of the rosary, notably made of stainless steel, sterling silver and gold, while several models with crosses will revive your faith in this essential male accessory. However, the selection includes variants with more syncretic than monotheistic icons, such as skull pendants, beaded chains with bones and mother-of-pearl and natural stone ornaments. Conversely, chain link or chain link necklaces embody a playful vision of jewelry with pendants, beads and dice and clover charms. The selection also raises a rebellious side, manifested by a calfskin cigarette case and thick brass chain necklaces, equipped with functional accessories, such as an 8GB USB stick or a tobacco grinder. Military identity medals, padlocks and thorn pendants in 14-karat gold identify with a range of enduring symbolic references, while iconic logo prints and graphic fittings delight followers of certain brands. With an assortment of luxury materials, ranging from sterling silver to oxidized copper, leather cord and 14k gold, this collection of necklaces presents a multitude of options suitable for the modern man.

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