men ring

Men’s designer rings provide ornamental and simplistic touches of luxury, adding color and character to any outfit. A historical spectrum manifests itself through various pieces with macabre and mythological themes, while others leave the past behind in favor of a clean and timeless minimalism that lets the materials shine. Premium quality 925 silver, brass and other polished metals deliver unique tactile and visual effects. The open rings challenge the physical laws behind the usefulness of the ring, displaying symmetrical engravings, geometric curvatures and trims to guide glances towards unexpected negative spaces. The spiral, double and multi-ring rings present surprising images and themes, ranging from animal and natural inspirations to classic art, brand emblems and pleasantly basic shapes. Models with carved text and graphic elements appear in this selection, occasionally garnished with cut glass or colored enamel, while stripes, emblematic patterns and engraved logos address the dichotomy between presence and absence.

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